Saline Tattoo & PMU Removal Training Model Discount

Saline removal is a laser alternative to tattoo and pmu removal where a special saline solution is inserted into the skin to draw the ink out. Unlike laser, saline will remove any color like white or lighter colors where laser can not. It's basically the same process as getting a tattoo or PMU just using the special saline solution instead of ink or pigment. 

Saline removal can lighten or fully remove depending on your liking. Once fully healed, the same area can be tattooed or have pmu reapplied. It may take 1-3 sessions depending on pain tolerance, depth of color and pigment placement.

We will always work at a pace to protect the integrity of the skin and will NEVER be agressive in removal regardless of the amount of patience you have. :) 

This service is normally $250 for PMU Brow Removal per session and starts at $250 for tattoo removal up to 2" per session.

Anyone willing to be a training model will receive a 20% discount on their service through August 31st.