Editorial & HD Makeup

Genn Shaughnessy is an Award Winning Makeup Artist with 25+ years of experience in the Makeup Industry. She has numerous credits to her name and has worked with Internationally known talent like Mark Ruffalo, Ron Perlman, Judy Greer, Michael Shannon, Christina Hendricks, Ian McShane, Great Lee, Blake Perlman, and more. 

Genn’s affinity to produce various types of make-up for print, video and stage work demonstrates her amazing eye for detail and her unique ability to think outside the lines of conventional thinking. Her vast knowledge of cosmetics & beauty tools leaves her equipped for not only TV, Film and Print work, but also writing and producing beauty segments.

Genn has numerous national credits to her name that include FOX, People Magazine, Teen People Magazine American Idols Live and Trading Spaces. She brings tremendous talent and make-up savvy, combined with a plethora of experience and the ability to deliver uncompromising quality of work to every professional work setting. 

To inquire with Genn about your upcoming HD, Film or Photo projects please send Genn an email
Photo Credit
Photos by Diane Chappell
Model 1 - Gianna Pascuzzi 
Model 2 - Jill 
Model 3 - Maddie 
Makeup & Wardrobe Styling by Genn Shaughnessy