How to properly flat iron hair

How to properly flat iron hair

Today’s Tip - best ways to flat iron hair

I get a lot of questions about flat ironing hair, and why it does not look fully straight and is still frizzy… here are some tips and ways I flat iron hair to help those of you struggling with the same thing.

A good iron is always better for your hair, especially if you’re doing this to your hair often. A good iron will cost around $125 and will have straight and even plates that don’t snag and break your hair. The heat will be distributed evenly, straightening the hair evenly and not frizzing. I prefer the Amika brand for all styling tools, I use them on set and on my own hair.

Let us know what tools you need for a better styling experience with no struggle and we will get them for you.

Always remember when learning how to do anything beauty related… You need to build muscle memory! Your using your arms in ways that are not meant to be used. Consider it physical training. It will take a bunch of times of doing the same thing to not fatigue easily and be coordinated in doing it.

1. Hair should be FULLY DRY, not damp, and brushed through.
2. Use a heat protecting spray, I like Amika The Wizard (I can get it for you if you need it)

3. LIGHTLY spray the hair and comb it through. It needs to be Misted not fully saturated.
4. Check your temperature on your iron. If your hair isn’t thick and course, it doesn’t need the full heat, if your hair is fine and thin it will FRY your hair if it’s really hot.

5. Section your hair off in thinish sections, usually about card stock thick sections, and the width of the actual iron pan, not past it.

6. Start at the bottom first, use gator clips to hold up the top of the hair you are not working on.
7. Squeeze the iron handle tight and glide the iron slowly through the hair, and follow it with a fine tooth styling comb.


8. Take another section down, and repeat the process until done.

Please let me know if you have any questions or the process of something you would like broken down for you.

Xoxo 💋

Genn Shaughnessy

The Backstage Stylist
421 New Karner Rd
Albany, NY 12205

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