The Camera Ready Makeup Course at The Backstage Academy Launches 10/11

The Camera Ready Makeup Course at The Backstage Academy Launches 10/11

Good Morning Lassies! Happy Friday! 

I am so sorry for the delay in sending this email out late, we hit a few production delays for The Camera Ready Makeup Course and I just got the Video Footage back from the Production Company last night. I didn’t want to rush this and wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect, so trust me, it is well worth the wait! I am so pumped with how it all turned out and will be uploading the content in the Academy Platform all this week. 


Our new launch date for The Camera Ready Makeup Course is now 10/11 and its available now for presale through 10/10 for only $20 if you use the code “PRESALE”! So without further adeau, here is the info you’ve been waiting for! 


Did you know that it only takes 7 seconds for someone to form an opinion of you based on your appearance. SEVEN. Now more so then ever, Looking good on camera or video is crucial to anyone using it for business or media relations, which is nearly all of you and it’s happening more frequently then before! 


👀 You’ve tried different makeup looks

💄 You’ve tried different makeup brands

🎥 You’ve watched countless tutorials and videos online


But no matter what you watch, you still can’t mimic what the Star Talent has showed. All of this has left you feeling Deflated, overwhelmed and stuck. 


Any of these sound familiar?

>  You want perfect liquid liner and smokey eyes but are stuck with messy raccoon eyes

>  You’ve wasted time and money buying loads of makeup

>  You’re doing the same thing over and over again but not seeing the results you were hoping for

And you are just plain OVER it!


You really should be having fun creating content and going live in videos or zoom meetings! But if every time you go to press join, You feel self conscious and unhappy with your makeup job that it’s upsetting you it’s time to take a lesson and learn how to avoid that. 


I UNDERSTAND! I was a beginner once too! Did you know that I started my Beauty Career at and Estee Lauder counter in 1995?


I sort of started getting into makeup in Junior highschool in the 80’s when blue eyeshadow, lots of black liner and razored eyebrows were a thing! (F-U Vanilla Ice!) Thankfully the 90’s brought better fashion, makeup and hair. I still wear Doc’s, Band T-shirts and Flannels on the reg. I was a tom boy, who wasn’t REALLY into makeup until I was 18, and my mom wasn’t super into makeup so it was never a priority, just an interest. I always struggled with being “put together.” UNTIL 1996 when I started working at a Gym where I became friends with a gal who was a Beauty Advisor at a Makeup Counter in our local department Store.  She ended up moving to Florida and had me interview for her job, and I got it! WHAT?!


I wasn’t a great Beauty Advisor, I am terrible at Sales, I hate selling to people and upselling to people. I literally just wanted to play with makeup and paint all the faces. We had a very limited range of foundation shades and it was painful to send darker skinned women away for not having theirs. I always found myself day dreaming of being a Makeup Artist whenever the Chanel counter had events and they brought in their regionals. One day I decided that would be me some day. So I kept painting any face that would let me as often as I could and practiced new techniques all the time. 


Fast forward to 2005, I landed my dream job at MAC in Macy’s Colonie as a MAKEUP ARTIST. I had worked for Estee Lauder, Lancome, H&M Cosmetics and now, my FAVORITE brand, MAC. Wait for it… 


My first week was GREAT UNTIL my first and most devastating ever customer complaint. I don’t remember exactly why I was off my game that day, but that combined with low self esteem and a customer complaint sent me into tears and I wanted to crawl in a hole and give up on my Makeup Artist life.


A woman came in looking for a smoky eye. Ok great! I love me a good smokey eye. Well I did it, and thought it looked great. Until she yelled at me when she saw it and said 




At first I was like I love DAVID BOWIE! Not realizing she was serious and upset and not happy. Then she became rude and mean and I asked a coworker if she would take over for me. Which she did and totally saved me. I immediately went into the bathroom and cried and doubted my entire future as a Makeup Artist and basically all my life’s choices up to that point. 


And after getting angry about how rude she was I worked on that smokey eye on every single friend and client that would let me until I MASTERED how to do it for any eye shape, skin color, or level of smoky eye and be able to do it super quickly if needed.




I’ve worked on Movies, Music Videos, Marketing Campaigns, Commercials, Political Campaigns, RUNWAY SHOWS, PHOTO SHOOTS and more! I’ve been published and interviewed Internationallly… Not only that, but I have been making a living off doing it for 20+ years. If I can do that, you can MASTER any look you want to, you just need help figuring out the WHAT, WHY & HOW.


You’re not learning enough from what you’re watching on YouTube because you’re watching Social Media Influencers and Performers, NOT Educators with a background in Makeup & Beauty Training.


Well I have the perfect class for you….The Camera Ready Makeup Course…taught by an actual Professional Working Makeup Artist and Educator with a history in Beauty Education. With this course, you’ll learn to unlock your potential and have fun while mastering; 


☀️ Day before prep and beauty treatments to have your skin glowing and looking flawless

💡 How lighting impacts your application and video

🔎 How to apply makeup for video & camera

🖌 Brush theory and how to chose them

💄 What kind of makeup and tools to use

🖊 How to apply fake lashes and liquid liner

🧼 How and when to properly clean Makeup brushes

🚨 Troubleshooting; how to repair broken shadows, color correcting rosacea, hot spots, and more!


In this training course, Camera Ready Makeup, you’ll learn loads of camera tips and start to master camera ready makeup flawlessly. Wouldn’t it be incredible to get ready for camera without stress and anxiety? 

To check it out the FREE Camera Ready Makeup Course Preview here —>

To buy the Course presale with the “PRESALE” discount code, sign up HERE —>

Special shoutout to Pink Flamingo Music Productions U.K. for our jingle! @pinkflamingoproductions

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