Going back to my roots …. Let’s talk hair….

Going back to my roots …. Let’s talk hair….
I don't even want to say it. Please don't be mad, but…. There's only a month left of summer! EEK! I was just reviewing my schedule and realized I only have SEVEN days of availability left before school starts for us on Sept 8. 
A lot has happened for us this summer, personally and professionally and I can't wait to share it all with you, but for now let's talk Hair! 
Some of you know my back story but not all of you, so I'm gonna share a few things with you that hopefully will resonate and light a spark of some kind. 
I wanted to go to school for hair when I was in Highschool. I wanted to go to VOTEC and take the Cos program. Do you know what my GUIDANCE COUNSELOR said? 
“Oh you don't want to do that you don't want to be one of THOSE kids” 
Do I wish I was a stubborn then as I am now. But I was not. It was the 90's, Votec was seen as a place for troubled kids. I had never been in trouble, I was just a 16 year old kid with ADHD, crippling anxiety and dyslexic, but hadn't been diagnosed yet. Hair was the only thing I liked doing and the only thing besides Art & Foreign languages I was good at. 
After that major set back I shrunk, deep into my mental hiding place and was completely lost. I started skipping school and almost dropped out. 
That was only one of a few problems wrong with our school system. Thankfully my parents knew enough to pull me out of that school district and into a better one more suited for kids like me with learning disabilities. We moved to Guilderland in 1993 and it was the best thing that ever happened to me school wise. 
When I told my Guidance Counselor there I had wanted to go to school for hair, she was all about it and was ready to enroll me immediately. Except there was a catch. I was a Junior already, it was a two year program and I would have to stay on an extra year. At the time it felt like a punishment and I decided against it. One of my biggest regrets. 
I wouldn't end up going to hair school until 2008 or so. Needless to say I have always had this weird connection with hair. I love doing it. I love styling it. I love wedding and event hair. and I am OBSESSED with Hair Extensions. 

This summer alone I have done 14 Commercial Productions and 12 Wedding & Special Event jobs with hair and it lights a spark in me I haven't had in a very long time. I mean I got to do an enormous braid for one of my best friends who did a mermaid swimsuit shoot for Salty Mermaid swimsuits, curled and styled hair that was 3ft long for a portrait, did a wedding trial for a bride thats getting married in a CASTLE. Which means I'll be doing makeup and hair in a castle for a wedding in the spring! 
I wish I remembered that guidance counselors name. Because, yes, I DO want to be ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! If anythings held you back from doing what you love, like that stupid guidance counselor, here's your sign. Life is short, do stuff you love that brings you joy. 
So that being said, my focus will slightly be changing and I will be tweaking my menu getting back to my beauty "roots" and diving back in head first to offer more hair services, less spa services.
Starting in 2009 I began training in Hair extensions, starting with i-tip beads and flat tip fusion. At some point I became certified in Tape in Extensions and really miss doing them. Recently I redid my certifications for tape in, beaded and fusion, and am now training in Sew-in Machine and Hand Tied Wefts.
I've written a big ole' blog post on them, explaining what they are, and how they work with answers to frequently asked questions. If this is something you're interested please give it a read and let me know what kind of questions I can answer for you. You can read the BLOG POST HERE
Image item
Since it's been a bit, I will be doing an intro special on the hair extension install with a Complimentary aftercare kit and the first 5 people to book them will receive 20% off the intro special price. 
Consultations are required to match hair, talk about your needs and lifestyle to see what best suits you. The first date of consultations for hair extensions will most likely be 8/17. I am just waiting on our Hair Color Ring and other products to arrive which should be Friday. Fingers Crossed :)
OH and I almost forgot….
 We are having a SALE at the shop and online! Head over to The Backstage Stylist for 25% off most categories (excludes makeup and skincare).
Have a beautiful rest of your week! 
xoxo, Genn

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